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Capturing the Essence of Cape Mentelle

In April 2024, I was commissioned by Cape Mentelle and Blend PR to capture the beautiful Marri trees, the winery, and the enchanting Margaret River.

Waking Up with the Sunrise

The adventure began with early mornings, rising at 5am to catch the first light of day over three days. Despite being unlucky with the sunrises, the estate was bathed in a beautiful golden light, providing the perfect backdrop for our shoot. The stillness of the early hours offered a unique serenity, allowing me to truly connect with the landscape. Meeting with the winemakers was a highlight, learning about the vital role Marri trees play in protecting the vines. Their insights enriched the experience, and of course, sampling a few selections from their exquisite range was a delightful bonus.

Curating the Perfect Shot

Curating the perfect shot

Back in Sydney, the process of selecting the perfect shots for the Cape Mentelle launch event began. Collaborating closely with the team, we curated a collection that truly encapsulated the essence of the winery and its surroundings. The final images were showcased at the event, each one telling a story of the majestic Marri trees and the vibrant life of the Margaret River.

Event showcasing

Check out the Margaret River collection here. Bring the stunning landscapes of Cape Mentelle and Margaret River into your home and experience the beauty of these captivating scenes every day.