Vincent Rommelaere Top of Sydney Opera House - Australia Unseen

Vincent Rommelaere

Photographer and founder of Australia Unseen

Bonjour! I'm Vincent. Originally from France, my Australian journey started with a backpacking trip in 2005, leading me to fall in love with Sydney's beautiful beaches and make it my home.

I have a Masters in Art Direction and first worked in advertising and as an Art Director at Artist Profile magazine. My passion for all things visual led me to explore and hone my skills in both photography and videography. I have a passion for capturing the beauty and energy of what is out there and to tell the story of people and places.

Over the years I have collaborated with notable brands such as Tourism Australia, Qantas, Amex, and Netflix to name a few. 
More recently, my personal art practice has seen the birth of what you see today.

Phantom 1 - Australia Unseen
Vincent Rommelaere Flying a drone - Australia Unseen

The Early Days

In 2013, my exploration into aerial photography took a significant leap with the first consumer drone, the DJI Phantom 1. A pioneer of its time, it had no live feed, no safety features, and carried a GoPro, offering me a mere 10-15 minutes to capture a shaky, low-res photo with little control over its creation. Still it was exhilarating. The technology evolved rapidly and 2018 marked a pivotal moment when Sydney Unseen was born, a venture that soon turned into Australia Unseen reflecting my desire to travel and explore this vast country.

The journey

And then 2020 hit. As my work as a videographer paused, I shifted to creating products from my photography. The puzzles quickly became a hit, especially when the prime minister at the time classified them as 'essential goods.' It was wonderful to know that my art could bring joy and comfort to people during those challenging times.

During this period, I further developed my skills in both aerial photography and traditional techniques with my Canon mirrorless camera. As the world started to emerge from the pandemic, I resumed my journey, exploring places from the surf beaches of Byron Bay to majestic Uluru, through Melbourne, and along the iconic Great Ocean Road.

Vincent Rommelaere - Photo from a R44 Helicopter - Australia Unseen
Vincent Rommelaere - The Other Art Fair - Australia Unseen
Rock Pools of Sydney books - Australia Unseen

Exhibitions and books

I have exhibited my photography at The Other Art Fair in Sydney in 2019 and 2021. My first book, Rock Pools of Sydney was published in 2021, and more recently, in 2023, I released my second book, One Hundred Beaches Sydney, co-authored with Amanda Woods. Both books are available on and at selected bookstores.

Invitation to Explore

My photography work has been a journey of growth, passion, and an enduring love for the Australian landscape, evolving from the early days to the forefront of photographic technology. Every photo I capture goes beyond being just an image; it's an invitation to you, to join me in exploring the stories and beauty of these extraordinary places. I'm thrilled to bring you along on this journey – through every print and every piece of art that transitions from my lens to your home.

Vincent Rommelaere holding a framed print of Mona Vale Rock Pool - Australia Unseen
Sydney Summer Print - Australia Unseen

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