Isabella Dobozy

Guest Photographer

Isabella Dobozy, also known as Issy, is a photographer from Sydney. Her passion for photography sparked in 2015 after she started working as a lifesaver at the Bondi Surf Club. This experience drew her to the beauty of sunrises, encouraging her to buy her first DSLR camera. Captivated by the stunning skies each morning, Issy began her photography journey on land, capturing the coastal scenery and its vibrant mornings.

As her surfing skills improved, Issy expanded her photography to include shots from the water. She started using a water housing for her camera, allowing her to capture moments among surfers and sea life from a closer perspective. In 2017, she discovered a new passion for aerial photography after getting her first drone, a Phantom 4. This added a new dimension to her work, offering unique views from above.

Issy has spent the majority of her life in Sydney. Her adventures have also led her to live on the Gold Coast and in the Whitsundays for the last four and a half years. These experiences have not only enriched her life but also deeply influenced her perspective and approach to photography. Each photo Issy shares is a window into her personal journey, capturing the beauty of Australia's landscapes in a way that inspires viewers to wake up early and dive into the ocean's embrace.